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Development of online learning materials


The lab is well suited to recording online learning material. With a little planning it is quite possible to develop highly professional materials. Part of the key to success is planning while the other aspect is what actually happens in the lab when you come along (something we will do our best to help with). You may be interested in taking a whole class fully online or thinking about creating a blended class,part online – part in the classroom.


Here are a few ideas to help you start planning for shooting your online learning materials:

  • Think about the background. Do you want live video? Do you want a static background? (e.g., a picture of a particular place). Are you going to be seated or standing or both? How much to do you want to appear in the video?
  • You may need to adjust your existing slides. Consider, for example, how to break them into short sections. MOOC classes often are broken into shorter (say 5 minute) and longer (30 minute) segments.
  • Try aligning quizzes to each segment to increase the likelihood your slides get viewed!
  • Check for small errors in your slides since these cannot be fixed later and will be noticeable to you and students as you use the material over the next few years.
  • Consider creating examples – as you would on a classroom whiteboard – using the interactive pad (Wacom pad) in the lab. You can also think about annotating slides as you talk.
  • Think about camera angles. There may be times when you want to share or emphasize a particular point and a zoomed in shot can help achieve this.
  • You may want to think about the platform that you want to use to host the final recording. Possibilities include YouTube (on a public or private channel), your own website or the university’s learning platform.


  • 想想背景。你想要現場直播嗎?你想要靜態背景嗎?例如,一張特定地方的照片
  • 你是坐著還是站著,還是兩種都有? 在一段影片中想出現多少部分? 您可能需要調整現有的正片。例如,考慮如何將它們分段。MOOC課程通常分成較短(比如5分鐘)和較長的30分鐘)兩部分。
  • 試著針對每個環節進行測驗,以增加你正片被瀏覽的可能性!
  • 檢查正片中的小錯誤,因為這些錯誤在以後無法修復,而且在你和學生使用這些材料的幾年裡會很明顯。
  • 考慮在實驗室中使用交互板(Wacom繪畫板)創建示例,就像在教室的白板上一樣。你也可以考慮在你講話的時候給正片做註解。
  • 想想相機的角度。有時你可能想要分享或強調一個特定的點,放大鏡頭可以幫助實現這點。
  • 你可能需要考慮你想要使用的平台來主持最終紀錄。可能的選擇包YouTube(公共或私人頻道),你自己的網站或大學的學習平台。