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NCUE Consumer Lab Activities

The lab is well suited to recording online learning material. With a little planning it is quite possible to develop highly professional materials. Part of the key to success is planning while the other aspect is what actually happens in the lab when you come along (something we will do our best to help with). You may be interested in taking a whole class fully online or thinking about creating a blended class (part online – part in the classroom).


The lab is ideal for shooting pictures that require a green background. You have the potential to shoot clean images of products or a person with a well-lit green background. By using a program, like Photoshop, you can then remove the background. These allows you the opportunity to import the images into other applications as a layer.


The lab is an ideal place for recording promotions or significant events. In this configuration groups can be recorded making for exciting and engaging interaction between participants and viewers.

Consider opportunities:

  • To capture interaction with visiting scholars or experts
  • To record events for uploading to department or the university’s website
  • To create promotions for student recruitment



  • 捕捉學者或專家的互動
  • 記錄事件,上傳至院系或學校網站
  • 為招生創造促銷活動

One powerful way for students to learn presentation is to watch their own performance. In the lab students have exactly the opportunity to do this. The lab offers the opportunity to record students’ (either singularly or as a group) course work presentations. The recording can then be immediately reviewed and discussed in a de-brief. Alternatively, the resulting video can be downloaded from the lab’s cloud and then you can upload to a media server of your choice (e.g., your own website or from your channel on YouTube.

It is always good to welcome visiting speakers to our campus. The lab gives us the opportunity to record some of that experience by inviting the speaker to record some / all of their talk. This can be posted online to our department or college website as promotion material.

Equipment in the consumer lab will support running research meetings. For example, the lab can be readily configured for group interviews (focus group). 消費者實驗室的設備將支持研究會議。例如,實驗室可以很容易地配置為小組訪談(焦點小組)。

In this configuration groups can be both audio and video recorded. This is ideal for consumer research where you want to both capture spoken responses whilst observing interactions between group members.

這個實驗室並不局限於視頻製作。相反,它也可以用於攝影需要良好的照明與綠色屏幕。這可以用於產品推廣或照片的後續操作像是photoshop等軟件。 在此配置中可以同時錄製音頻和視頻。這是理想的消費者研究。可以捕捉口頭反應,同時觀察小組成員之間的互動。

The lab is not confined to video production. Rather it can also be used for photography that requires good lighting with green screen. This can be used for product promotion or shots of people for subsequent manipulation in such software as photoshop.